The whole package

What if your knowledge and understanding of the English language was highly proficient in the ability to write grammatically comprehensible material, but you had nothing to say? Or if you honed the amazing ability to draw whatever you feel inspired or inclined to interpret artistically through whatever medium but had no imaginative ideas? How about if you knew how to throw down in the kitchen with no formal training but you can’t never come up with your own original dishes? Ok ok what about the ability to sing a beautiful song that brings tears to an eye or touch the center of a soul, but unable to write your own lyrics from your heart? Is this a gift u should further develop or an innate talent with lack of passion?

Being single🔥

No more compromising..I get to run things the way I true hearts desires get to be fulfilled without any pressure from a partner who’d rather do things their way so now an agreement must be made in order for both parties to be satisfied and treated fairly within the relationship. No more making considerations or alterations to original plans and ideas because now its all up to you to figure things out on your own..and that’s okay..perfect actually.. No one can interfere with your original thought process or misguide your quest.

If you haven’t discovered yourself and are still in the midst of doing so, there’s no better time like when you aren’t dating. Being in a relationship is honestly one hell of a distraction. While flying solo there’s no other pushy opinion to consider or feel obligated to try just for the sake of making someone else happy. I can’t express enough how good it feels to live life on my own terms..not having to wait on someone else when I could be done by the time they’re ready to leave. There’s a whole host of annoyances when need to find the patience to cope with the bs every relationship goes through… I’d rather commit to myself before committing to a nuisance 🙅🤷

To Nat or Not?

Going natural is a huge decision for some. I am one of those somes. Everyday I struggle with the idea of whether or not I should be the sexiest version of myself with my curly virgin Brazilian selfmade wig or calm n cool not causing too much of a head turner reaction with my natural lil half up half down style.

To me, in my eyes, my hair only looks nice right after I’ve wet it with water and moisturized it with whichever product Im using at the time or if its been freshly gelled(gel past tense) or moisturized with whichever product I’m using at the time for styling. I feel confident once its done but once it dries the shrinkage starts draining my parade(sucking me dry)then suddenly I don’t feel as okay with this decision anymore.By this time I’m already out and about trying to go on with my day but as time passes I’m struggling to remain positive about how I look but not carrying the choice out confidently.

If you’re not confident(and that’s with anything you do)it will show. We have to learn how to be concerned most with our own opinion of ourselves and not the next. Easier said than done..hard as hell to do..I’m in a battle and I’m fighting to live out one of of my greatest heart’s desires which is growing a full, healthy head of hair because its something that will bring me a strong sense of spiritual inner peace. I will feel like I have broken the curse, the stranded chain of wig wearing by every matriarch on my mothers side of family, my immediate and closest side.

My progress hasn’t been consistent because I keep allowing fears of not being attractive, discriminated against, treated with less favour and or just simply denied or treated inappropriately just because my own unique beauty doesn’t fit into their(whomever im dealing with)perception of what beauty is. The world is a shallow place whether u accept it or not people judge you based on your appearance. Can you blame them? You honestly have nothing else at that moment to go by if you don’t know or ever met this person standing before you. We shouldn’t judge but its a natural innate instinct to place a person in a category based on what energy they are giving the universe which surrounds them.

We are naturally intrigued or enticed by what we consider to be good looking and then make guesstamations about what type of a person another one is, but you have to analyze or figure out who a person is if you plan on being involved with them in any way. Their interaction in your life can alter yours. We have to choose our involvements wisely. Who and how much energy we give a person..that’s called a survival skill. Appearing to look a certain way is part of survival.. such as you appealing to the mass then maybe great rewards may come along with that oppose to the opposite. No desirable love from the world.

Appearance means a lot…right now more than ever.It has a very big influence on the life you end up leading. How you look is part of your struggle to survive out here.

This hair growing out of my head is mine.. its an extension of myself..if I hate my hair I’m hating apart of who I am…how can I ever feel complete if I feel this way inside?